Frank Fodor 

BMus (Hons UQ), MPhil (Perf UQ), LMusA (AMEB), GDipMus (GU)

Frank started his musical education in Grade 3 primary school and has never stopped. The number of letters after his name – his academic qualification post-nominals – total almost five times the number of letters in his actual name! This remarkable young man is an academic scholar, specialist instrumental educator, musical entrepreneur managing ‘Strauss in da Haus’, and under the auspices of Lutheran Education System, he now inspires some 250 students a week across a network of four primary and secondary schools!

It must all be in the genes. While no one in Frank’s family can read music or play an instrument, the proud family tradition records that his mother had a relative who was the present-day equivalent of a wedding singer. He would ride into the village on the back of a white horse and sing and play his guitar for days. Frank’s father has a great-great-grandmother who sang and toured Hungary with a group of Tziganes (gypsy musicians). So, while Frank undoubtedly carries brilliant genes, it must be said that they are somewhat slow moving!

Performing with and studying under some of the truly greats of the music world, Frank has played in: the Sydney Opera House; almost all Australian capitals; Amsterdam; France; Germany; Switzerland; Italy, the Albert Hall, London, and has recently toured New Zealand and Japan.

Frank has recorded 3 solo albums: Romance – A collection of love songs, Timeless Classics from the Silver Screen and Songs from Secret Garden (available to download from the iTunes Music Store)


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  1. This sounds amazing. I’d love to see this concert, and am considering weaving a holiday (north)around this- after we get our new car this week.
    Good timing!

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